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Sylvia Bierhuis

Executive Director sends e-mail)
(510) 643-9190

Sylvia is an energetic team-player and strong supporter of public higher education, with over 10 years of progressive C&F fundraising experience at Berkeley. She has worked extensively with faculty, deans, senior leadership and others to build effective fundraising strategies that work to the benefit of the university, the larger community, and Berkeley's organizational partners.

Sylvia currently manages the central Foundation Relations and Corporate Philanthropy team, which is housed within University Development and Alumni Relations. Previously, she worked in Corporate Relations for the College of Engineering at Berkeley. Sylvia has a B.A. in English from the University of Georgia and a MPA from Cal State East Bay. 

David M. Siegfried
Associate Director sends e-mail)
(510) 643-0461

David's work involves the development of large campus-wide interdisciplinary proposals. He also manages a portfolio of foundations focused on education, equity and social justice issues. Prior to joining FRCP in 2010 as the Sr. Research Analyst, David worked as a public high school teacher and community educator. He is a proud graduate of Bard College.

Aaron Diaz
Associate Director sends e-mail)
(510) 664-5074

Aaron's work involves the development of large campus-wide proposals and manages a portfolio of STEM focused foundations. Prior to joining the FRCP team, Aaron was Assistant Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations at Arizona State University. 

Nell Payne
Assistant Director sends e-mail)
cell (253) 683-0405

Nell began her career in higher education over 20 years ago in the Financial Aid & Scholarships office at a small liberal arts college. While serving students and families in understanding their financial aid awards, Nell gained a deep knowledge of databases and honed her skills as a financial and technical analyst. Soon afterwards, the field of fundraising beckoned her and her unique combination of interpersonal service skills and technical abilities. Nell now works primarily with UDAR staff, department staff, principal investigators and donors to ensure funds are allocated and reported on correctly. She also works to ensure organization record integrity in the development database (CADS).

Karen Mui
Assistant Director sends e-mail)
(510) 642-3780

Karen started her development career as a student assistant while attending Cal State East Bay. She eventually joined Santa Clara University’s Prospect Management and Analytics team, where she served for 3 years. Karen serves as the senior researcher and prospect development liaison. Karen works to collaborate with units across campus to explore funding and partnership opportunities and help with strategy development.

University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR)

The FRCP team is a division of University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR), formerly University Relations, increases support for and enhances knowledge of UC Berkeley through communications, public outreach, and fundraising. The department is responsible for centralized fundraising and donor engagement, and works to strengthen unit development offices by consulting and partnering with campus fundraisers.